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Dr. Jaron Soren, D.C., N.M.D.

Dr. Jaron Soren is a highly experienced and accomplished chiropractic physician who has been offering his expert services at Balance Point Chiropractic for over a decade. Recognized for his innovative approach to chiropractic care and his unwavering commitment to his patients' health, Dr. Soren is well-respected in his field and beloved by his patients.

After receiving his Bachelor's of Science from BYU-Idaho, Dr. Soren earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northeast College of Health Sciences. His passion for holistic health care solutions led him to specialize in integrative chiropractic care, focusing on the alignment of the spine to ensure optimal health and well-being. Dr. Soren recently completed his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Regents of the California University. This advanced training allows him to blend traditional chiropractic adjustments with state-of-the-art naturopathic therapies, providing a comprehensive approach to health care.

Throughout his career, Dr. Soren has always believed that each patient is unique, and their treatment should reflect this individuality. He takes the time to understand his patients' specific needs, offering personalized care plans that blend traditional chiropractic adjustments with state-of-the-art therapies. He is proficient in various chiropractic techniques, including Diversified, Activator/Arthrostim, and Thompson Drop-Table, allowing him to tailor treatments to each patient's needs and preferences.

Dr. Soren has continually demonstrated his commitment to expanding his knowledge and refining his skills. He regularly attends professional development courses and has obtained advanced certifications in various areas of chiropractic care, health and wellness.

Dr. Soren is not just a chiropractor but also an active advocate for holistic health. He believes in the power of a balanced lifestyle and regularly educates his patients about the importance of nutrition, exercise, and stress management in achieving optimal health.

When he's not in the clinic, Dr. Soren enjoys spending time with his family, staying active outdoors, and practicing yoga - activities that reflect his belief in balance and holistic health.

Dr. Jaron Soren's patient-centered approach, combined with his extensive expertise and sincere passion for holistic health, has served to make Balance Point Chiropractic a thriving practice and place of healing. His mission is to help his patients achieve optimal health through personalized, integrated chiropractic care.

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