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What our patients have to say about us

Jaron Soren is a great chiropractor. At every visit, he works soft tissue, then gives an adjustment. I always came away feeling much better than when I entered the office. If you are looking for quality care and a chiropractor who is interested in your well being, you have found him!

J.M. –Balance Point Face Book Page

Dr Jaron Soren has been an exceptional Chiropractor in keeping my challenging body issues in better order. Not only are his professional skills excellent, I found his ability to truly listen and hear what a client is working with in their body troubles an added success. Some doctors prefer to make too many quick assumptions of how to process and proceed. If one style of work did not answer the need of my problem area, Dr Soren was open to trying other types of styles or techniques until the right puzzle piece was found to best solve my body issues. Thank You, Dr Soren, for your professional expertise and your humane style of medical support!

Tina Hutton
Owner/Educator-Alternative Methods in Horsemanship

I’ve been looking into alternative sources instead of taking my child to the pediatrician and getting antibiotics every time she gets a cold and heard chiropractic adjustments could help. I took my 18 month old to Dr. Morrison and he was so gracious and kind and really good with her! He took his time so that she could become comfortable around him and explained his method and process, experience and background. I felt very confident in his ability and knowledge and was very impressed with how gentle he was with her while adjusting her neck and back. We will be seeing him again on an on-going basis to help keep everything aligned, which should help her overall health!

-A Google User

Dr. Morrison is amazing, fair and fixes all my problems as well. I have been seeing him off and on as needed since 2004. He is not about come back visits etc he is about helping. Last ski season I pinched my back something fierce. One visit to Morrison and I was good as new!

-A Google User

I have been seeing Dr. Morrison on and off for several years. He is also an RN who works at one of the local hospitals; 30 or 40 years of nursing experience if i recall correctly…(he;s also an expert cert. massage therapist.)…he’s not just all about the money as others i have visited- his goal is for the patients well being rather than just a ‘pop and pay’ station- and he’s the best as well- I HIGHLY recommend him.

-A Google User

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