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Conditions Treated


Our doctors help patients resolve their problems by addressing the underlying cause of the condition so they feel better and stay better.   These problems can be caused by poor posture, trauma, repetitive stress or overuse syndromes and muscle imbalances.

Below is a list of the more common conditions our Doctors treat successfully.


Head and Neck PainHead and Neck

Disk herniations/bulge         Headaches/tension
Kinked Neck                       Muscle/ligament sprain
Muscle spasms/tightness     Pinched nerves
TMJ syndrome                    Whiplash injuries

   Shoulder PainShoulder

Bursitis/Tendinitis        Tendonosis
Rotator Cuff Injuries      Impingement
Arthritis                        Frozen shoulder
Throwing injuries           Shoulder instability

Elbow PainElbow and Forearm

Bursitis/Tendonitis    Muscle/ligament sprain
Golfers elbow           Cubital tunnel syndrome
Tennis elbow            Radial tunnel syndrome
Tendonosis               Arthritis

WHand Painrist and Hand

Hand Pain/Tingling           Arthritis
Carpal tunnel syndrome     Tendonitis
Trigger finger                     Nerve entrapments

Back Spine pain


Disk Problems                  Osteo Arthritis Sciatica/Pinched nerves
Muscle spasms                 Sacroiliac & Tail Bone Pain
Spondylolysthesis             Scoliosis
Muscle/ligament sprain

  Hamsting Treatment Hip, Groin and Upper Leg

Bursitis                          I-TB syndrome/TFL
Degenerative Hip            Ligament sprain/strain
Piriformis syndrome       Sacro iliac syndrome
Groin Pain                     Sciatica

Knee Pain

  Knee and Lower Leg

Arthritis                                 Swelling
Joint Locking/buckling            Meniscus
Muscle/ligament sprain          Nerve entrapment
Jumpers Knee                       Patella Tendinitis
Strains/Sprains                      MCL / ACL
Shin splints                           Post Op Rehab

Ankle And Foot PainAnkle and Foot

Arthritis                                Bunions
Gait problems                       Heel spurs
Metatarsalgia                        Muscle/ligament sprain
Nerve entrapment                 Turf toe
Plantar fascitis                     Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
Tarsal tunnel syndrome         Tendonitis

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